Windscapes XIX

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“The Wind is a magical force, the Lake a magnificent stage. The buzz of a large metropolis fades away. The great effort of steering and racing is hidden in the distance. From the shore, it is one grand performance where playful, proud and graceful poses cross paths with rhythmic threads of wildlife. Welcome to the Windscapes of Toronto’s waterfront.”

Tash Damjanovic Fine Art Photography: The Art of Seeing

The Windscapes Series is a collection of fine art photographs, which at first glance look like paintings. That is no coincidence. Tash feels closer to painters than to her fellow photographers, and she uses light as her paintbrush.

The images are water scenes, and it was fitting that they be printed on watercolour paper.

The objects depicted exist in the real world, they are not simply contents of her mind. Real sailboats, real people and real birds on a glorious, cool and foggy spring day. No object has been added, they are there as she found them.

The Series is an attempt to capture the invisible force we call the Wind. Mighty, patient and persistent, over time can move mountains.

As is the case with life, the images are also full of contradictions – the world that we see and the deeper truths we know. It is a tale of two realities, coexisting in time. Sailing is an ancient art but also a physically demanding endeavor, full of challenges, yet from the shore it looks effortless. Sailboats appear to be gliding along in a straight line, but we know they zigzag their way through the wind. These crews are racing, fiercely competing with each other, yet the image is peaceful, relaxing, meditative. Cormorants, jet-black birds that are flying alongside the sailboats, move rhythmically from east to west and back. They can be devastating to plant life near the shore, but they are also mesmerizing and beautiful. And what is most fascinating, these images were taken in Toronto, one of the busiest cities in the world. And yet, with a slight turn, peace is within reach.

These images are a promise, and a reminder, that a shift in perspective is always within reach.

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